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These need to look like they were always part of the house and we really enjoy the challenge of seeing a new part of your home added on and it looking like it was always there giving you more space without the hassle of buying and selling or worse still, moving.

Additions may include buildings that are separate or attached to the existing home.


Using the space you have got more efficiently or in a way that suits the changing needs of you and your family. We not only have the expertise to complete the job, we have a lot of ideas on what you could do. If you are talking about making some alterations, let us run an experienced eye over it for you and offer some ideas to think about.


We all get older and tired (sorry for reminding you) just like our homes. Modernising all or part of your home is a great idea; it adds life to your home and you as well as protecting and adding to the value of your most important asset.

Add new life to your existing home

Upgrading your existing home or investment property on a small or large scale is what we do best. It is a cost effective way to use spaces more efficiently, adjust your home to your lifestyle and of course provide greater enjoyment of your living space and adding value to your investment at the same time.

We have talked as a team about the difference between alterations, additions and renovations and asked ourselves does it just look better as part of our marketing strategy or is there a real difference, our conclusion…yes they are very different.

New Home Build

Been thinking its time for something new and cant find exactly what you want? We can help you build your new home with your plans or ours.

A consultative process will help you feel that we have built a home that we can all be proud of and you will enjoy from the beginning of the project and for many years to come.


We are also experienced with commercial work such as our fit out work for Z Energy rebranding some of the Wellington region Shell service stations.

If you are looking to build or renovate commercial buildings large or small, we would be pleased to talk to you. We have also undertaken large scale remedial work on leaky buildings so we can help you with re-cladding.

sweeping You could not get better, they are great and above all tidy, you walk on site and you don’t have to work around stuff, there is no mess.
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